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Please find enclosed short videos of Heat / Cold Therapy and Heel lifter (used to avoid pressure ULCERS for ventilator’s and for all those patients have longer heeling time)

Both products are of European origin, and are CE marked meant for Care Concept which offers increased hygienic qualities.
Easy to use and comfortable for both patients and practitioners.
Can be used for longer duration for same patient
Can be used directly with the skin.

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It is a well-established fact that heat therapy soothes muscles, eases IV insertion and warms patients after operations, among many other things.

Unfortunately, patients often miss out on the benefits of heat therapy because it is too time consuming to prepare and administer. Not to mention unhygienic.

Lack of storage space in each individual department also contributes to the problem.



CURAPAX is a hygienic, disposable hot pack that is ready in two minutes.

A soft, non-toxic gel is formed during warming.

The pack is covered with textile that makes it safe and comfortable to use.

And there’s absolutely no time required for collection and cleaning after use – just dispose with regular household waste.

Before use, CURAPAX is the same size and weight as an empty envelope so it’s easy to store in every department.

Now, hospital personnel have easy access to heat therapy for all their patients.



Intregrated heat indicator: Heating indicator is an additional indicative precaution against harmful use

Eliminate the risk of cross contamination: It’s the only gel filled disposable product for hot/cold therapy on the market.

Fast and safe preparation: The hot pack is ready in two minutes and is easy and safe to handle. Noneed for boiling water and the outer textile protects from burns. The gel is non-toxic.

Space saving solution: The hygienic 50-piece dispenser is the size of a shoe box and weighs only 1.2 kg. There’s space for it in every department. Similar products weigh 300-500 grams each and take an accordingly large amount of storage space.

Flexible application: It’s easy to create customized applications such as neck/shoulder packs by connecting multiple packs via their unique corner ‘eyes’.

Disposable means no hidden costs: Personnel don’t spend their valuable time retrieving,preparing,collecting ,disinfecting and storing used packs. There is no expense for washing the wet towels or pillowcases often used for other heat therapy solutions. And patients don’t risk unacceptable, expensive hospital infections from unclean, used heat packs.

Dispose as regular household waste: Contains PE, PA, PP and super absorbent polymer (SAP). PVC and latex free. CURAPAX® is a nontoxic, disposable product that can be disposed of with regular household waste.


Decuheel inflatable patient specific heel lifter


The heel lifter must only be used for the prevention of heel pressure ulcers, in connection with the treatment of heel pressure ulcers, and for heel elevation.

Unfold the heel lifter. Insert the tip of the pump into the self-closing valve. Inflate the heel lifter to only ¾ of full capacity. The heel lifter must not be fully inflated as it may turn hard and thereby harm the patient, and because it may itself be damaged.

The heel lifter is now ready for use.

Place the patient’s foot in the inflated heel lifter. The sole of the foot must rest against the part marked with a drawn foot on the heel lifter.The calf must be supported by the large air-filled part at the bottom.

Lift the heel above the support (mattress). Adjust the air pressure to reach correct heel lift (1-2 cm), this can be done while the patient’s leg rests in the heel lifter.

The pressure is reduced by using the included stick and inserting it carefully into the valve so that air is released until the desired pressure has been achieved.

Close the strap. NB.The strap must not be too tight.

The heel lifter can be punctured before disposal, e.g. by cutting one corner. It can be disposed of with the general waste.

The heel lifter is to be used directly against the skin.

The heel lifter is patient specific and must not be used for patient no. 2.

Does not contain phthalates